Understanding Financial Problems

Understanding Financial Problems

Questions To Ask An Estate Sale Company Before Hiring Them

by Letitia Moreno

Choosing to sell off the contents of an entire home is a huge job, and making the decision to hire a company to do this for you can be the best option you have. While it will cost some money to hire a company to do this, it typically results in earning more money in the end, and it will require so much less work for you. As you search for a company to hire, here are some of the questions you should ask before you hire them.

What Is the Commission Rate and Do You Charge Other Fees Too?

The commission is the way estate sale companies make money, and the rate varies. The rate is calculated with the total sales and determines how much of the proceeds the estate sale company earns. Because of this, the company has a huge incentive to collect as much money as they can from selling your goods. Some companies may also charge additional fees for things, such as advertising, but others do not, so you should ask before hiring them.

How Do You Determine Values of Items?

The goal of an estate sale is to collect as much money as possible by selling every last thing in a house. To do this, estate sale companies often hire appraisers to help them determine values of collectible items or things of value, and some estate companies have an appraiser on staff. You should make sure that the company you hire uses an appraiser for this purpose, because there might be things in the house that are worth a lot of money.

What Marketing Techniques Do You Use and How Many People Will Come?

The third question to ask involves marketing techniques and what to expect in terms of the crowd size. Most companies will advertise sales for months prior to the actual events, as this helps draw in more people. When there are a lot of people present, the prices of the items tend to be higher than when fewer people are there. They may not be able to tell you how many people will come, but they might be able to tell you on average how many people usually come to the sales they host.

These are some good questions to ask, and you should ask these and any others you may have. If you want more information about estate sale services, contact a company today, such as Remember When Estate Sales, LLC.


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Understanding Financial Problems

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