Understanding Financial Problems

Understanding Financial Problems

Get Out Of Jail With Your Bail Bondsman's Help

by Letitia Moreno

Sitting in jail waiting for a trial because you can't afford bail isn't going to make your situation better. When you are trying to get out of jail so you can get back to work and bail is set too high, a bail bond service can help you. There is a fee for using a bail bondsman to secure your release from jail, and this is typically 5% of your bail amount. This is a fee that is not returned to you, as it is the fee for doing business in the first place. It is well worth the money you spend to get out of jail while you wait for your next court date. Talk to your bail bondsman about your options.

The Point of Collateral

When you need to hire a bail bond service to get out of jail, it usually means you don't have the money to pay your whole bail amount. In order to secure a bail bond, you have to come up with enough collateral to meet your bail amount. In the event you skip town and miss your court date, the bail bond service is out your bail amount until you are returned to the court. Your collateral is anything of value that can be sold if you don't make it to court. 

Where to Find Collateral

You might need to talk to friends and family members in order to get enough collateral to secure a bail bond. If you have a loved one that owns a home, the home can be used as collateral against the bond amount. Electronics, jewelry, cars and other valuables will also be considered by your bail bondsman. If you are putting up any property as collateral, it must be owned free and clear in order to be considered.

How a Bail Bond Service Helps

Even if you can come up with the cash to secure your release eventually, a bail bond service is faster. All you need is enough collateral to cover the bond and the 5% fee to pay the bail bondsman. You don't have to worry about questioned about coming up with a large sum of cash, and you are going to get out of jail more quickly when a bail bond service is used.

Get your life back while you wait for your next court date by getting out of jail with a bail bond service, such as Alda Pauline's Bail Bonds. Understand that you pay a fee for the service, but your release from jail is worth it.


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Understanding Financial Problems

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