Understanding Financial Problems

Understanding Financial Problems

Five Factors That Make Titanium A Valuable Metal

by Letitia Moreno

Titanium is a metal that is noteworthy for its value for a variety of reasons. Purchasing titanium gives investors a highly valuable commodity and asset that holds its value well and shows strong potential for growing in value as time goes on. 

Many people wonder what it is about titanium that makes this metal so valuable. There are numerous reasons why titanium is a sought after metal in a variety of industries. The following are five factors that make titanium a valuable metal and show why investing in titanium often proves to be a profitable venture:


Strong metals are important in industry when it comes to construction and engineering. Titanium is noteworthy for its strength. Titanium actually is near in strength to steel when it is in its unalloyed form. 

Titanium's tensile strength reaches 63,000 PSI. This strength gives titanium a higher ratio when it comes to tensile-strength-to-density than that of any other natural metal. Not even tungsten and steel can compare to this impressive ratio. 

Low density

The thing that's unique about titanium is that it offers good tensile strength without being extremely dense. This makes titanium the perfect solution for a metal that will provide strength without increasing the weight of a piece of equipment enormously.

In engineering, machinery that needs to be very strong also needs to be very light in weight. For engineering challenges like this, engineers will frequently turn to titanium due to its unique properties. Titanium is often the metal of choice in aerospace engineering due to the simultaneous need for strength and lightness. 

Resistance to corrosion

One of the biggest challenges of using metals in construction and engineering is the tendency of a metal to corrode when exposed to moisture. Most metals naturally start to undergo oxidation and then corrode when they come in contact with moisture.

One of the most valuable properties of titanium is that it is extremely resistant to corrosion. Titanium's natural corrosion resistance makes it highly useful and long-lasting when used in outdoor constructions that are frequently exposed to water or even marine construction involving seawater exposure.

High melting point

Every type of metal has a certain melting point or temperature at which it starts to melt. Titanium's melting point is unusually high. This makes it so that titanium can be used in applications that require maintaining strength and form even when exposed to high temperatures. 

Non-toxic in the body

Certain metals like copper, chromium, and zinc can be toxic to the body in very high amounts. However, titanium is non-toxic within the body. This makes titanium a useful metal when it comes to biomedical engineering applications like creating prosthetic limbs.

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