Understanding Financial Problems

Understanding Financial Problems

Non-Monetary Donations You Can Support College Athletes With

by Letitia Moreno

Monetary donations are some of the most common donations college athletics programs receive, but you can give other things to programs. Here are some other, non-monetary donations that you might give to support college athletes.

Your Time

The most obvious alternative donation is simply your time, particularly if you have expertise in a specific field. College athletes are specifically attending school to learn, and they're often willing to learn outside of the classroom as well as in it. Depending on your background and knowledge, you might be able to educate college athletes on:

  • Financial management principles
  • Student visas and immigration processes
  • Working in your particular field (e.g. real estate, medicine)
  • Specific aspects of their sport (e.g. shooting, dribbling)

You'll want to discuss any sports knowledge that you impart with the coaching staff, and coaches will likely only allow it if you've previously played the sport at either the collegiate or professional level. If you have, the coaches might appreciate your ability to show athletes how to improve a specific part of their game.

Your Vehicle

Many charities, including many college sports team charities, will accept old vehicles. They don't necessarily use the vehicle, but instead sell it and use the proceeds to support college athletes. Even older vehicles can be worth enough to help an athletic program purchase new gear for their athletes.

A vehicle donation can be mutually beneficial if you have an older vehicle that's only worth a few hundred dollars. You probably wouldn't get much if you traded in the vehicle, and selling it via private-party sale could take quite a while. The vehicle might not even be safe to drive.

Most college sports team charities will accept older vehicles, even if the vehicle doesn't run. They can have it towed to their place, and then their staff can figure out how to best sell the vehicle, or send it to a yard for scrap value. This effort is usually worth getting a few hundred dollars.

A Restaurant Gift Card

A restaurant gift card is an uncommon donation, but it's one that the college athletes will certainly appreciate after an away game. Teams often drive back to campus after games, and athletes are quite hungry since they just exerted a lot of energy. Most teams will stop for a basic meal, but a gift card to a slightly nicer restaurant is something that every athlete would enjoy.

There are a variety of ways to donate to college athletes; don't be afraid to reach out to your favorite team's coaches or support staff for more ideas.


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Understanding Financial Problems

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