Understanding Financial Problems

Understanding Financial Problems

How To Make The Most Of Your Deductions When Running A Small Business

by Letitia Moreno

You might not look forward to tax time if you've been running a small business for several years. Unfortunately, you may find yourself owing thousands of dollars you need to pay within a certain period to avoid late fees and additional penalties, which can be rather frustrating while potentially putting a financial burden on you. 

Did you know there are deductions that you may qualify for that can help you drastically reduce your tax liability? Rather than filing on your own without much knowledge of these deductions, meet with a tax professional who can use their knowledge of tax laws and deductions to help you with the filing process.

How a Tax Service Professional Can Save You Money and Frustration

Not everyone knows the many deductions they're eligible for when filing a tax return. If you're one of those people, you may have unknowingly been paying thousands more in taxes than you needed to because of the deductions you can claim when you file. A tax professional can save you money while eliminating the frustration involved in the tax filing process by going through the different deductions you may be eligible for based on the kind of business you have, how you run it, and the types of business-related expenses you have.

What Are Some Deductions Small Business Owners Often Qualify For During the Tax Season?

Although the deductions a small business owner can legally claim on their taxes will vary, some options include home office expenses, business travel expenses, and startup costs. For example, if you need to buy specific equipment to run your business, such as a laptop, desktop computer, or even a home office setup, you typically can deduct those expenses. If you had to travel for work reasons, such as to attend tradeshow events or meetings with distributors, you might qualify for a tax deduction.

It's crucial to keep receipts of everything you spend on your business, including receipts for gas when using your personal vehicle for work purposes. The receipts would serve as evidence of what you spent on your business if you were to get audited by the Internal Revenue Service, which can happen at random to anyone.

If you have a small business and often dread filing your tax return, it helps to work with a tax service professional who will have your back. By receiving expert assistance from someone with years of tax-related experience, you can make the most of your deductions and save more annually.

To get started, contact a professional tax service in your area.


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Understanding Financial Problems

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